This Little Light Of Mine

On This Day – well today was ok. My sister and I went into the office with my dad to do school. I should start off that my dad and I went to a new place to try breakfast! It was called the 40th Street Cafe! It was super duper good! I had pancakes because Im so cool and they were really good! Reasonably priced too! That’s always a bonus. Then we went into the office. After a game of CashFlow (I convinced my dad to skip the math test and just play CashFlow. hehehe ;), we came home and I watch Mythbuster’s because its awesome. And Dirty Jobs. Because Mike Rowe is amazing.

Well I took this one a couple days ago with the Olympus! I really like using it! Its nice not to have to carry around a big camera. It makes me feel…more free? More free to photograph! Yay. It doesnt feel like I have this big neck strap choking me down. It makes me feel more expressive and more creative. So yes, it is a Pointy but it produces a good image! And Im not a photographer if I dont have a camera with me.
I used my wizard-like Photoshop skillz to make this a really cool photo! Would you believe that this is the lamp on hanging out front on our house? Well it is!

Please tell your friends about my blog! Thank you!

Now Playing – My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson

Matt :D



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2 responses to “This Little Light Of Mine

  1. Christian

    oh Cash Flow! when my dad owned his printing company, they printed all the boxes for the e-game and the regular board game! Small world. and that pic is awesome

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