Early Posting, Early Morning

On This Day – well today was pretty good. Had to get up early to go to school. Ugh. Which was ok but I didnt get to sit next to Calvin! D: I had to sit next to Gracie today because Mrs Fritz wanted everyone to sit by someone new. I know. Terrible! And secondly, Im going to Oregon tomorrow! Yup! Im sooooo excited! Except for the fact that I have to get up early because our flight leaves early in the morning. But Im so looking forward to seeing some friends!! :D

Day 269 –


Shhhhhh! This was already a Project 365 picture a while back. But I Photoshopped it awhile ago and thought it was super duper cool and good! So I decided to repost the PSed one. I couldnt find the compressed original so you are just gonna have to deal with this one! Anyway, this is Justin. He's my little buddy that Im getting to see in Oregon tomorrow! :D HipHip! Hurray!

So Ill give yall a heads up. If I dont post for a few days, its because Im on the trip and we might not have internet. (highly unlikely though) Or I might not have time to post, or Ill just be so dead tired that I wont wanna post. But Ill try okie dokie?

So yeah, I decided to post early because I didnt want to stay up late blogging. I did actually get a picture today (of Calvin. hehe) but it didnt turn out. Sooooo, I didnt use it.

Well I must go finish packing!

Now Playing – Time Of Our Lives – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D


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  1. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would love to mention that this post extremely forced me to try and do therefore! really nice post. thanks

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