How y’all doin? So, well I’ve been in Oregon for a few days and have been having blast! Sorry I haven’t blogged for those fee days we didn’t have Internet so it makes it kind of hard. I have taken quite a few good photographs and i cant wait to get home to show you! Sadly, there might be a delay. See, we got to the airport here and our flight has been delayed for a long time! We were suppose to be home now and we haven’t even left the airport! Haha remember that movie “Terminal” with Tom Hanks? Haha yeah I’m starting to think like that. Haha it’s all good through. The airport people said they have to wait for the plane in Vegas to fly over with the parts to fix our plane. Hurray! They just announced that the plane from Vegas will be here at 2:20ish! So, I’ll try and blog tonight. But I’ve got a lot of school to catch up in so I’ll see. Haha

Well my friends, i shall be blogging hopefully in the next few days!

Now Playing – Hot Air Ballon – Owl City

Matt :D

(P.S. I typed all this out on my iPod. Yeah be proud of me. ;D)


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