October 31, 2010 Post


So Justin called up and invited me to come and play in the snow! It was totally cool and I got to meet some of his friends, Bo and Chris.

I brought the Oylmpus because I didnt want to risk getting me Lumix all ruined.

It was really pretty where we went. I think it was Mount HooDoo or something. Or maybe that was the name of the Ski Place. I cant remember.

I was shooting all the pictures a little darker just so I dont run the risk of over-exposurer. Because thats annoying to fix in PS.

And here's the little brat that invited me to come and play in the snow! JUSTIN!!! :D

He said that he felt bad that we didnt do anything majorly fun (Uhhhhhh...) and I didnt care because I got to play in the snow!!!! Which is totally awesome!! So dont worry buddy!!! I had a blast! Thanks! :)

So as you can tell Halloween was pretty awesome! I mean come on! I got to play in the snow this weekend! Which is awesome! We didnt go trick-or-treating or nothing. It was great! Thanks again buddy! :D

Now Playing – Naturally – Selena Gomez (whats with Pandora and playing Selena? haha)

Matt :D


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One response to “OMG!!!!! SNOWWWWWW!!!!

  1. That’s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that
    come true.

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