Terminal 2

November 1, 2010 Post

Huuuuuhhh….We had to leave these, The Three Sisters. So. Bummed. BTW, this was the view from the airport. Sure do greet you with a crummy view. ;)
Well I decided to try a little street photography. In which I dubbed “Airport Photography.” I got quite a few random photos of random people living out their life while being trapped inside an airport.
I will say that three of the people (bottom) are my Dad, Mom, and Jeni. Jeni was one of the people we saw in Sisters.
Ok, so seriously. I love this photo. She had no idea I took her photo! I love how she’s just starring off into space. haha
I thought this one was cool too. I like how the person in the reflection is kinda like “looking” at the lady on her phone.
THE RESCUE PLANE!!!! So the plane on the right is the broken one while the other one is the fixed one! :D

So this is what its like being trapped in an airport terminal for 10 hours. (read Terminal and see what I blogged about while I was sitting at the airport) Yes, you heard me right. Ten. Hours. And there was nothing to do. Seriously. There was one restaurant and about 300 waiting people. There were two groups of people there. One was waiting for its flight to Vegas, and the other to Mesa/Phoenix. Both Allegiant. The flight to Vegas hadnt left Vegas because they had to get a mechanic and some parts on board to fly out to Redmond to fix our plane to Phoenix. So their flight was delayed. Then when it got here, they had the wrong part. So they had to get another plane to finish up its route to come and take us home. So after a few more hours, and some free pizza from Allegiant, the rescue plane came and took us home! Yup, that was Monday. haha

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Matt :D



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5 responses to “Terminal 2

  1. MATT you crack me up! Those are great pictures of random people! I would feel bad doing that LOL. You need to get “model agreements” if you want to use those photos for anything, though. That one lady is so funny! She looks like one of my clients.

    • haha! Yeah, I wasnt planning on using them for anything outside of my blog. It was just for fun. And I think since it was on public land in a public place n’everything, you dont need model agreements. I think thats if your on private property or something. But i could be wrong.

  2. Did that girl on her cell phone know you were taking her pic? It looks like she’s looking right at you

  3. Sarah

    haha you’re such a creeper matt! if i didn’t know you i’d think you were really weird and crazy! oh wati, i do :P

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