waiting outside the lines

On This Day – FINALLY! Friday! Im so ready for a day to sleep in! Im been super tired and worn out lately. Too much school. haha So basically all I did today was school. After that my mom took my sister and I to Starbuck’s (bleh) and then to Costco (hurray!) to get Taylor Swift’s new CD Speak Now!!! :D Havent gotten to listen to it all yet but the few songs I have, have been good! :)

Day 277 – Well didnt get a picture today. Been so busy with school n’stuff that photography has been but on the “back burner.” This weekend should be fun though, because I am going to shoot a friend’s birthday! :D Yup! Im pretty excited!

Ugh. I kinda like this picture. I took while I was in Downtown Bend. I was walking while I was taking it and didnt really think much of composition. :P Guess thats what happens when you try to rush photography. ;D

And here is the edited.

Well hopefully tomorrow I feel a little bit more “inspired” to take photos! haha

Now Playing – Waiting Outside The Lines – Greyson Chance (he came out with his first song, and I really like it! I think he is better then Justin Bieber.)

Matt :D


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