Official Chair Tester

On This Day – Seriously!?! The one day I finally get to sleep in, the yard guys come. UGH!! So even though I didnt get up super early (8:30ish) I still wanted to sleep in today. Aw well. :P But today was nice and lazy…ish. Didnt go anywhere really but stayed home and cleaned the house a little. My dad “sealed” the tile, whatever that means. O.o After that, he helped my mom re-fabric the dinning room chairs. They turned out perty good! And thats pretty much was my day. Sorry Im blogging kinda late. Kinda forgot and then just really didnt feel like it.

Day 278 – Well like I said, we re-fabriced the chairs. I woke up our cat to tell him that the chair fabric had changed and that we needed him to see if it met up to his level of expectations. I think he approved.

Originally! Thought it was pretty good! :D


Blackerest and Whitester.

Well that concludes today’s Project 365. Tomorrow is gonna be exciting because Im going to photograph Caroline’s 2nd Birthday!! :D Yup! And I get to use a Canon T1i!!!!! :D Mhm!! Pretty excited about that!

Now Playing – The Story Of Us – Taylor Swift (Did I ever tell you that I got her new CD? Well actually mom got it for me and my sis…but still! :D So its what Ive been listening to for a couple days!)

Matt :D


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