Caroline’s 2nd Birthday!

On This Day – Well today we all got up and left for church. When we got there, well, the had some building meeting for what the church’s plan is for the new church they are going to build. So…no service. So we came home and had breakfast…for lunch. Yup, pretty awesome. Later this afternoon is when I left to go photograph Caroline’s Birthday!! :D Yup! I got to use Dana’s Canon Rebel t1i with a Sigma 18-250mm Lens! It was quite an honor to shoot both the birthday and with the camera! Haha I wish I had a DSLR now. I realize how much it would help me with moving on in photography. I know my camera is really good, but its a good camera for experimenting with photography. Not making a career of it. So, my next camera move? Is gonna be a Canon T1i. Oh, and Dana had a 50mm f1.8 Lens for her camera, and it was a beautiful lens! A autofocus is a iffy in low light, but it did pretty good! So that was my day. Pretty good. And yes, I did get paid to shoot her birthday. :)

Day 279 – Here is the birthday girl herself! Aint she a cutie? This was with the 50mm lens. I had completely forgotten that the lens doesnt have image stabilization! haha Opps.

I cant quite remember what I was shooting at but it was probably in Aperture Priority, f1.8, 1/50-60 shutter speed, and ISO 800-1600. Now thats really good ISO performance.

Isnt she cute? I love how dramatic she is in this picture. haha :)

Even better. ;)

Well that is just one of 651 pictures I took this afternoon. So now I gotta go through and decipher the good, the bad, and…cute, pictures. :)

Now Playing – Enchanted – Taylor Swift

Matt :D



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2 responses to “Caroline’s 2nd Birthday!

  1. Awesome pictures! You really should post some more. I want to see!
    What lens did you use the most, the 50mm prime or the Sigma?
    That’s why I want a DSLR so badly. I honestly feel stuck with my photography since I can’t get good portraits easily. I’m sick of landscape and want to move in the portrait direction. I loved shooting my nephew. [Don’t take that wrong. You know what I mean!] I feel any cheap, old, 8MP DSLR + 50mm f/1.8 would be so much better for portraits than my current setup.

    • I most certainly will! Ive got a bunch to go through though. haha
      I used the Sigma for the afternoon shoots. Since there was enough light. But when it came ’round to evening and dark, I had to change lens to either the 18-55mm or the 50mm because the zoom on the Sigma would get in the way of the flash. (IE casting a shadow from the barrel zoomed out.) I decided to use the 50mm at night with out the flash. It worked really really well!
      And I feel the same way. Even the cheapest Canon Dissler (Rebel XS) would be better for portraits then what I have. I accuse the lens because it so wide you cant get close and use that f2.8 aperture. And zoom (unless you use the telephoto ie, 10x-18x) really doesnt help blur the background. So yeah. haha Thanks for the comment!

      Matt :D

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