On This Day – well lets see, I sleep in a little because I can and I felt like. Started school and really just kinda drug my feet around all day. I didnt want to do school. I kept getting distracted by stupid, random stuff, that I normal would take no interest in, but since I had things to do, they were quite fascinating. Then our math tutor came and well…tutored me (obvious, no?). Then this evening my mom had her Bunko Babes coming over tonight to play bunko. Us kids (dad included of course), decided to bug out for the evening…in the motorhome…right next to the house. We did rent Iron Man. Which was cool, I guess.

Day 280 – So, yeah. Not one of my best. I wanted to upload another one from Caroline’s party, but since I didnt bring the computer out with me, and that I would also have plug my external HD somewhere and excuses, excuses, I didnt.

Yea, these were just some of the palm trees in our 'hood. Oh and thats an Arizona Sunset. haha ;)

Anyway, off to bed. Kinda tired and I have Moezart tomorrow! Hopefully I remember all my lines! Full run-thru’s tomorrow! Should go study up a little more. Night!

Matt :D



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