Caroline Again!

On This Day – Well today was Moezart Day! I’d say it went super duper well! And after Moezart, my sister and I got to talk to Zack and Tiana!!! It was super cool because I dont get to talk to Zack that much so it was cool to get to know him a little better! :)

Day 281 – Well I didnt get any good pictures at Moezart but since I still had a bunch of photos to go through from Caroline’s Party, I decided I would blog another one.

I personally just LOVE this picture! Its so precious and sweet. And that Daddy is holding her is even better. :) This was taken on f1.8, ISO 400, shutter speed 1/15th of a second.


SHABAM!!! Photoshop helped fix the kinda odd white balance.
Oh. My. Gosh. Does a black and white get any better? No. It doesnt. It cant. Inconceivable!

Well thanks for checkin’ out my blog! May I suggest you tell others about it? Thank you very much!

Now Playing – The Story Of Us – Taylor Swift (basically just have had the CD on repeat. haha)

Matt :D


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