Missing Fall :(

On This Day – WHAT!?!?! What is with this madness!?! Cool weather…in November!?! That cant be! You know the funny thing about Arizona is you can always spot out the natives and the snowbirds (the people who leave from Michigan, Wisconsin, etc to get away from the freezing cold). How? Well the natives are all bundled up in their “winter” clothes while the snowbirds are wearing jeans and a T-shirt. hahaha! So basically today was really nice, weather wise. My sister and I went into the office with my dad. Did school, got out of a math test (shyesss!), and then came home and ate dinner. Yup, not much goin’ on.

Day 282 – well again with not having a picture. Grrrr. Im getting lazy in taking pictures. I mean I kinda have an excuse, I havent gone anywhere to get some unique or cool photos! Im either at home, Moezart, or School. Yeah, whatever, I just havent wanted to take pictures of the sunsets because I realize I take ABUNCH of those. Sure they are cool but I mean come on, it gets kinda repetitive. So…well I dont know when I will be going somewhere to get some cool photos, but I must find inspiration somewhere.

This is from our walk through the park in Bend.

And this would be the editated one.

Well thank you all for checking out my blog. Tomorrow’s school! Yup! Oh! Thanks for reminding me! Gotta print that paper out! Thanks blog!

Now Playing – Enchanted – Taylor Swift (ok, no, I have not been listening to the same Taylor Swift’s songs over and over, its just like, every time I go to put the song, its happens to be that one. Weird. I know.)

Matt :D

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  1. When are coming – the questions “how to live but the end of a long pass necessary.

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