Sam the Epic

On This Day – Well today was the official school day. Ugh. Im seriously not liking this class this year. Like I still dont know most of the class’s names! They are all really…anti-social! All they do on breaks is play “ultimate” frisbee. Its really annoying because then you cant meet anyone! So yeah, and our teacher hasnt been doing this sit-by-someone-new-so-you-can-get-to-know-them thing which sucks still kinda because guess what??? You cant talk in class! :O So I havent even been able to sit next to Calvin for a few weeks! D: I know! Its twibble! But after school today was pretty awesome, cause we went to lunch with Sam, Calvin, and Josiah (Sam and Calv’s little brother)!!!!!!!!! Yeah. It was nice to see Sammers. :)

Day 283 – Well since the highlight of my day was seeing Sam, shouldnt it be obvious that he would be the Project 365 picture? haha

Haha! Yes! Sam was wearing awesome glasses! Even though I dont think he wears them to see. Lol

I personally cant choose which one I like better. I love the unedited and I love the texture of the edited! It kinda fits Sam for some reason. :)

Well I that pretty much sums up my day. I miss Sam so much. I mean, seriously, he would be considered a SUPER COOL kid in this year’s class! Miss you Sir Sam!

Now Playing – Long Lives – Taylor Swifty

Matt :D


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2 responses to “Sam the Epic

  1. Calvin Jagoda

    i like how sams left eye is kinda squinty! lol

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