Film Fables 2

On This Day – ahhhhhh…Friday. Finally. The day everyone looks forward too. Well today was pretty chill. I sleep in till 9 because I could and I felt like it. Started school. And then the rest of the day has been pretty chill. Not much going on. My grandpa did stop by for dinner tonight. Aaaannnddd,  I think that’s been my day. Yeah, its always nice to have a day to just kinda take easy. I think, no, I know Im ready for Thanksgiving Break!

Day 284 – well for a chill, do-nothing day, I didnt get any pictures. Well I did. But they were of me. I was playing around with ISO, flash, and aperture settings. Nothing special. No seriously. They’re just junk stupid pictures. Anyway, here are a few more of the photographs I took on film. No editing done to these.

Oh yes! Another picture of Christian!!! This was actually the FIRST picture I ever took on film!!! :D Yes, very cool.

Are you wiping the steam of your computer screen? Because Caden looks...ok...I wont say it...But he totally killed it in this picture! He looks epic! haha!

Well my friends, I hope you all have a wonderful evening. I shall continue to listen to Miley Cyrus and I will leave you to do whatever you want. Good night! Be sure to tell others about my blog!

Now Playing – Scars – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D


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