Picture Through Words – Elevator Rides

On This Day – well today was, ummm, dull? Yeah, that’d pretty much sum it up. Did…nothing. Oh yeah! Awesome right? Well my sister and I did watch the second and third Harry Potter movies because they were on ABC Family. Seriously, ABC shows like a BAGILLION commercials. Oh and we went to Pei Wei for dinner.

Day 285 – Well, today I didnt get a picture. But I had this brain-blobbing (thats what I call “An Idea”) thought! See, instead of uploading another previously taken picture. I would describe a “picture” with words!!! I know! I thought it was a clever idea too!!! See! Brain-Blob! So, if you dont already know, Chicago is my FAVORITEST city!!! I LOVE it there!!! So, why not describe it? In words.

Getting to the top of the Hancock –

My family and I entered into the room where you purchased your tickets to ride the elevator. It was a big, vast empty space with nothing but rope guide railing to sort all the people to the counter to purchase their ticket to the top. There was no one but us there, and the ladies who worked behind the ticket counter. It was an odd sight, a vast, large, abyss, with no one in it. Anyway, we walked over and bought  our tickets to ride the elevator. The ladies behind the counters showed us which way to go. We passed by a LEGO version of the Hancock, a few crucial support columns, and left the large, peopleless room and entered into another void-of-life room with a gift shop. And there it was, just around the corner, the elevator to the top. The 94th floor. After waddling around the gift shop, the elevator arrived to whisk us to the top. We boarded with a few other strangers. The doors closed.  Instantaneously we began our journey to the top. It was a smooth, quiet ride, with the exception of the “elevator” talking to us. The ride was quick. It seemed as quickly as we had entered, we got off. And there it was, the entire city of Chicago! Waiting there for my eyes to digest! I eagerly pressed my nose against the window pane, leaning of the rail that supposedly “protected” me from falling out the closed and sealed window. What a feast! Everything was miniaturized! The people, the trees, the cars, it seemed as if everything had just been attacked by a shrink ray-gun! I felt as if I had just conquered the world, standing on top of it. Oh man it was amazing! I didn’t ever want to leave. I walked around several times. Admiring the city, observing some of the other people and what they were doing. Visited the gift store. Then, as quickly as we left, we departed. We boarded the elevator that would soon whisk us back down to earth. We were greeted with the same elevator “voice” thanking us for riding and visiting to Hancock. It landed, spat us out, and made sure we visited the gift store. Again.

Well, hopefully that implants a good enough image of what it was like for me to ride up in a elevator to the 94th floor of the Hancock.

Now Playing – Who Owns My Heart – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D


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