Road to Nowhere

On This Day – well this time when we went to church, there was a service! haha Other then that, we’ve done nothing much this sunday afternoon. I guess I shouldnt be complaining. Its nice to do nothing for once.

Day 285 – ARGH!!! IM SICK OF BEING STUCK IN THE HOUSE, GOING NOWHERE (a contradiction to my statement above), WITH NOTHING TO PHOTOGRAPH (hence the contradiction)! Seriously, I can only upload and take so many flower pictures before people go mad. I wanna go somewhere, specifically for photography. I dont want any parentals, just me, myself, and my camera. For a few hours of random photographing. That would be seriously nice.

This is from a few weeks ago when my dad and I went up to the mountains to spend the weekend with my grandpa. Yes, I did spell my abbreviated term of original wrong. Do you think I care? Do you think I feel the motivation to fix it? No. Not really.
And here is the edited.

Well anyway, Im going to go watch another Harry Potter movie. Sorry if I seem a little bitter or grumpy tonight. Its just Im kind of sick and tired of taking pictures of a flower in our backyard or something. I think Im craving for a change of scenery.

Now Playing – Fireworks – Katy Perry

Matt :D



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2 responses to “Road to Nowhere

  1. I feel the same way.. I wonder where some good places to shoot are at..

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