FRAGILE! Must Be Italian

On This Day – Merry Mundane! How has everyone’s Mundane been? Yes, that was a rhetorical question. Well I had math today. Whoopee. But an odd thing happened. I found something I enjoyed doing in math and get this, its something most kids dread doing! :O I know. If you need to sit down (and if your standing and reading my blog, your cool.), please do. Other then that. Its been a Monday.

Day 286 – Guess what dudes?!?! I took this picture today!!! Yea, I saw that my dad had gotten a new something-another and thought the FRAGILE was cool. Mhmm. And its even my current phone background. If you know me, and you know my relationship with my phone, well you’d laugh.

Well this is the unedited edited cause I had to edit out the shipping info because it contained vital information to getting to my house! Wouldnt want any random creeper showing up at my door. haha

And here be the edited edited. See, all that shipping information is gone! MWAHAHA!!! >:)

Well that concludes today’s project 365 picture. Please tune in tomorrow to see the next picture! In the mean time, you should be telling other people about my blog! Please? Thank you! :)

Now Playing – Sparks Fly – Taylor Swiftest

Matt :D


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2 responses to “FRAGILE! Must Be Italian

  1. Interesting post, I totally agree with other commenters, Keep writing

  2. I’m glad that i found your site, there are a couple of cool posts

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