Creativity At Its Best

On This Day – Well today is Wednesday which basically means all I do is go into the office with my dad and do school. So thats what I did today! Whoohoo!!! Oh and if you notice a slight appereance in my blogs theme its because WordPress told me that my current blog theme was going away. :( Im depressed! I loved Pressrow. Oh well. Maybe I should change it again? I kinda enjoy/dread changing it. haha

Day 288 – well guess what!?! I took this picture today! A few minutes before I ‘shopped it! Mhhm!! I was bored so I thought I would experiment with changing the lighting of the picture.

Yup! Thats all artificial lighting! I mean, I think it looks pretty real. And it was fun! haha Oh and I felt no motivating desire to post the unedited. Seriously people, use your imagination. What do you think this looked like before? Its just a piece of paper with words written on it. Be creative.

Well that’s today’s picture. Tomorrow is school day so I gotta go…I dunno. Anyway, night night!

Now Playing – Here Goes Nothing – NeverShoutNever

Matt :D



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3 responses to “Creativity At Its Best

  1. Elliott

    Hahaha. That’s awesome. I used to use the Photoshop lighting effects all the time!

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