Hey guys! My blog’s all fixed (hopefully) and should be ready for more…ermm…blogging! Im a few days behind so Im just gonna make one kinda big blog post!

The Past Few Days – well lets see, the past few days Ive gone to see Snoopy the Musical, finished going through all the pictures from Caroline’s Birthday, eaten food, studied for my CLEP Test, gone to Orangeleaf with the cast from Snoopy, slept, seen my grandpa, really not much has happened.

Day 289 - here is the original!

Day 289 - Oh Boy! The edited!

Day 290 - (unedited) Snoopy! Yup! That's Tiana! She played Snoopy! She did a wonderful job along with the whole cast! :D

Day 291 - (unedited) Well my sources (I.E. Wolfram Alfa) are telling me that I am a day behind blogging. So I decided to throw in this flop of a picture. I took it on film so I think it was the White Balance thing. Im considering it a "work of art" because its coloring is "abstract" and describes the "true essence of fall."

Day 292 - (no edited) well today whilst I was cooking lunch, I went to get something out of the freezer and noticed that two soda cans had burst! The funny thing about it is, is I heard them burst earlier this morning. I just thought it was cool that the top had kind of "blown-off."

Well hopefully Im all caught up now….Yup! I am. Sorry about the delay in blogging. WordPress said it was just a problem with something-or-other and they were fixing the problem as I emailed them.

Anyway, what do you think of the new blog theme? I really like! Its got my three favorite colors, black, white, and red!!! Hope you like it too! :)

Now Playing – Loosing It – NeverShoutNever

Matt :D


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