ChooChoo Train!!!

On This Day – well today was a rather busy Sunday. We went to church, went to the Sugar Bowl with my grandpa after church, came home for a little bit, went to hear the church choir sing some songs they sang when they toured Poland, and then went to my Aunt Theresa and Uncle Dave’s house for their daughter, Kelly’s 18th Birthday! Yup, that was pretty much my day. And on top of alllll that, it rained today!!!!! :)

Day 293 – These are some of my Uncle Dave’s trains! He has a shed in his backyard where he has all his trains! It’s really cool!

Here is the unedited. I think this was a fifteen second exposure. But I cant quite remember.

Here is the edited. I thought black and white looked really cool!
Here is another one. He has like a whole little town! Its pretty cool!
Oh and what’s cool about these is this one was taken hand-held, at ISO 400, and like 1/4 second shutter speed annnnd at full telephoto zoom(486mm)!! Yeah, that’s the Lumix Image Stabilizer right there! :)
And this was my favorite from the night! I love how it looks sooo real!!
I think this is going to be my new background! :)

Well I hope you all have a great night! Monday tomorrow! And guess what….NO MATH!!!! HURRAY!!! :D Oh, and if you’re wondering why the font is a different size, well dont ask me, cause Im wondering the same thing.

Now Playing – Funhouse – Pink

Matt :D



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4 responses to “ChooChoo Train!!!

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  2. Christian

    Whoa! The diner one looks you are in a building across the street! Awesome!

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