Yesterday’s Picture

What Happened Yesterday – yesterday was fairly exciting! Well I I spent most of my morning studying for my CLEP test. But the afternoon was fun! My sister and I got to Moezart 30 minutes early because my mom had to drop some papers off at some building. (yeaa, that narrows it down) When we got to Moezart we got to see the other cast before us rehearse! Oh my gosh! They are sooooo good! I soo want to see their play! It was cool and its nice to know what the set looks like!

Day 295 – well, well, well, what do ya know, another sunset. But this one was AMAZING!!!! Like, seriously, it was one of the best ones I have every seen! We all thought it looked like the ocean…turned upside down! (click on the picture and look at it all big and stuff!)

Unedited. Straight-out-of-camera. No joke. Fo realz.

Well now that was yesterday’s post. Now time to do today’s post! See ya in a minute!

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2 responses to “Yesterday’s Picture

  1. beautiful shot here! I love the sunsets!

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