Black Friday!

On This Day – Well as we all know, today is Black Friday. I for one was hoping to avoid going to malls and stores today because all the stupid people come out to go and shop. Like seriously, whenever there is a sale, all the people go bonkers just to save 50 cents on some stupid an iPod or shoes or something. I dunno. It just seems when the prices drop, the stupidity level of people rises. Anyway, we do have to go to Costco today and it was strange because it wasnt anymore busy then it usually is. And then secondly, it seemed as if everyone was walking out with a new TV today at Costco! It was weird. haha Then after that we went to the Apple Store to get a new printer. Oh man, that place was packed with people! All just to save 50 dollars on a 500 dollar iPad!! :O Wow!!!! What a deal!

Day 298 – well I didnt bring a camera with my everywhere but I had my phone so yeah. haha

Scottsdale Quarter is getting in the Christmas spirit! :) (no photoshopping)

Ok, if youve ever been to the Apple Store at SQ, its ALWAYS busy. But seriously, Ive never seen it this busy!

Well I hope everyone’s Black Friday was awesome!!! Oh yeah! Going to malls with millions of insane people!!! Whooohooooo!

Now Playing – Cant Be Tamed – Miley Cyrus – My dad is watching a DVD of some guy singing Christmas Songs and like seriously, he every so slightly, is slowing turning up the volume louder and louder. Ugh! Its sooooo annoying!

Matt :D

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  1. Stuart

    I had to work all day, people become animals during these sales.

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