Bokeh Christmas Tree!

On This Day – today started off good. I woke up and had this deep craving for a waffle. And not just one of those Eggo waffles, no, I wanted a real waffle. So I whipped up some waffle batter and made some! They were magically delicious of course, but of course, after I had already eaten breakfast, my brother surprised us with a box filled with Krispy Kremes. Like seriously. So I ate some of those too. ;) Does it get any better? Donuts and waffles all in the same day! Oh boy! After that my mum and dad went out and picked up all the Christmas decorations and we decorated our house. Once we got most of that all set up, my Uncle Dave and Aunt Theresa came over to see our slots cars (yeaa! We are the cool kids on the block) and then we went and got pizza at Johnnie’s!! Then we all came back to the house and talked for awhile. I taught my Aunt some cool things about her new DSLR (jealous? Yes.) and got my Uncle interested in buying a Lumix! Oh yeah! Im a good sales rep. MHM!

Day 299 – well we set up our tree. While I was walking by it, for some reason I crossed my eyes and it looked really cool! I wanted to try and show you what I was seeing. So this is what it kinda looked like! (except in Black and white.)



Well that was my day. Now that we have all the Christmas stuff up, I beginning to think I am on Christmas break. Ugh. But Im not.

Now Playing – my dad is watching the same video he watched last night on TV. Seriously, no one likes re-runs (except of I Love Lucy)

Matt :D



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