Three Sisters

On This Day – Our Sunday’s usually always start out the same, and this one was no different. We went to church and then afterwards went to Taco Bell for lunch. I dont really know why we go there after church, but its become a tradition. haha Once we got home from The Bell, we finished decorating our house for Christmas. My sister and I asked my dad if he would take us to see the new Harry Potter movie! He said yes! hurray! So yeah, my sister and I just got back from HP and we thought it was awesome!!!! But come on, theyve gotta drag it out into another movie?? I mean seriously, they left me hanging there! I need to know how it ENDS!!! NOW!! No, I havent read the book yet, Im sorry. But it was something to do. Now I want to get all the books and read them! Yes. I love reading. Im a home-schooler for goodness sake’s!

Day 300 – Wowzers! Day 300! That means Im only 65 days (trust me, it’ll go quickly) away from finishing P365!!! Holy Moly! Well anyways, I didnt get a picture today. So Imma leave you with this one. Its a picture of the Three Sisters in Sisters, Oregon.

Here is the original. I took it after we had checked into our room. Yes, this was the view from the patio, and it was also the only time we got to see all the Sisters without clouds covering them.


And here's the edited. Just kinda boosted the color and stuff. Basic editing my friends. Not rocket science.

Well anyways, I should probably go…do…something. Dont know what. To early for bed. But to late for anything else. I have to start school tomorrow. Bleck. Oh well. Three more weeks to Christmas break!!!!

Now Playing – hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….(that’s the sound the train controller is making since its on.)

Matt :D


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