A Very Mickey Christmas!

On This Day – Pity. Today I had to start doing school again. Poo! I was really enjoying Thanksgiving Break. Oh well. So today my mom and I spent most the afternoon looking for a book that I needed to start for CollegePlus. Haha, we never found it! Its like it evaporated! So my mom went to Barnes and Noble and luckily they had one copy left! So she got it. Phew! After that my math tutor came and…tutored me (just statin’ the obvious). Ate dinner and now Im blogging while listening to music. Dont like this song Im listening to, so Im going to listen to a different one. All better.

Day 301 – I jus took this one! I was sitting here on the computer hesitating to plug in my external hard drive, and look around for another photo. Hurray for spur-of-the-moment photographs and inspiration! We got this Mickey ornament when we went to Disney World…last year?? Two years ago?? Crud! Im getting old! Im forgetting stuff! :O

I personally thought the original was pretty good! I had to play around with WB a little because my camera was a little confused of the current lighting situation. haha

But as always PS always tends to make a good picture, a better photograph! A lot of minor adjusting here.

Well I hope yall have a wonderful evening! I got to go reread my script again because Im starting to forget my lines a little! :O Uh oh! Anyway, gotta go bundle up now! Its suppose to be 29 degrees tonight here in Phoenix!!!!!! I know!!!!! Im freaking out too! Something is wrong!!!

Now Playing – Just Dance – Lady Gaga – Is it just me or does Pandora hardly ever play the artist you created a station for? I

Matt :D


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