Glacier National Park

On This Day – Today my sister and I had to go into the office with my dad. Yeah. Bucket loads of fun I tell ya. So basically I did a ton of school today. Around lunch time though (we got lunch drrrr…) we went to go and get our Christmas gifts for some kids who’s parents are in prison! It’s something our church is doing. We thought it would be something cool to do because those kids probably wont be having as grand of Christmas as some. So its just kind of our way of showing that someone cares for them. :) Other then that, my day was pretty null.

Day 303 – for some odd reason I dont seem to take pictures on Wednesdays. I dont know why. So I decided to go back into the archives (UGH!) and look for an old photo from yonder way back when! This one is from a long time ago. Like a few years ago! It was taken on the Olympus and was taken in Glacier National Park. It’s in Montana. If you have never been there, GO! It’s like one of the prettiest places EVER!!!

Now in my opinion, I thought the original was pretty dang good...

...but then I Photoshopped it. Oh man! I was impressed with my editing skillz! (but not my spelling)

Then I punched myself.

Yeah, well Ive got school tomorrow, so I should probably get to bed. Yup. Night.

Now Playing – The One That Got Away – Katy Perry

Matt :D

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