New York City?!?

On This Day – School day! Yes, today was the day my sister and I go to our homeschool Co-Op out in Mesa. It went pretty well. I got to sit next to Bethany! Which is awesome because she’s super awesome to talk too. ;) And she shared her blue raspberry shaved ice with me!! :D Oh yeah. It was tasty. Once that was over we (not Bethany though) came home. For dinner my Dad and I went to Grimaldi’s!!! Ever been there? No? Well the go!!! Go I tell you! It’s gotta be one of my favoritest pizzas EVER!! I love it soooo much! Its light, thin, and very crispy! Tastiness!

Day 304 – Ok, so this was a picture in the bathroom at Grimaldi’s. I thought it was pretty cool. There was no name of the photographer who took this soooo….I cant give any recognition. Sorry Mr Dude who took this picture! I really like it! :D

Original. It was a black and white photograph, but alas my phone could not accurately decipher the white balance of the room.

So I editeded it a little....thats a lie, quite a bit in PS. I think its better.

This has no relevance to today, cause I took it yesterday. But my sis and I had to talk with Calvin to discuss a project for school. Of course, its like the whole family gathered around to join in on the conversation. :) I love these people so much! :D

Well, that’s kinda what happened today. If you know who took the picture I took a picture of, please tell me! Anyway, I should probably go now cause mom will be home in a bit and Im sure she’ll want the computer. haha!

Now Playing – There She Goes – The La’s – Heard of the song, but what a strange name!

Matt :D



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6 responses to “New York City?!?

  1. How did you get it to snow?? Thats so cooool!!! I hope you don’t mind if I copy you and make mine snow, too. :) Oh, BTW I like your pics today too! We haven’t gotten out any christmas stuff yet, so I can’t take christmasy pics yet!

    • Go to Dashboard, Click Appearance, Extras, and and there will be a little box to check to let it snow!!! :D No I dont mind at all! WordPress put it there for everyone to use! :D

  2. OMGoodness! I just realized the snowflakes FOLLOW THE MOUSE. That. Is. Awesome!!!

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