Cat For Sale!!

On This Day – well well, the most anticipated day of the week, Friday, is finally here! Hurray! So today we were allotted to sleep in a little longer! It was so nice! I feel so refreshed and recharged just to sleep in for once. It was nice. Well my day started off with waffles and bacon. Yeah, awesome, right? Then I waddled off to my room to do school. Did it. And then, did nothing much else.

Day 305 – haha no, our cat’s not for sale, but I just thought it was a catchy post title. haha As you should know, this is our cat, Jack.

Bleck! I used my mom's camera because it was the only one with in arm's reach.

But alas, my superhero Photoshop like powers fixed the photo!! Hurray!

Alas, my dear friends, I am going to leave you here, with this fantastic picture. And snow! Do you like that? Its cool. I know.  Oh and I changed the colors to Christmas-y colors! Hurray!! Just trying to get into the spirit yo! And because Im so stinkin’ festive!

Now Playing – Listening To My Parents Talk – Living Room (hehe)

Matt :D



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3 responses to “Cat For Sale!!

  1. AAH! the first one is creepy! hahaha

  2. It’s like a zombie cat! lol.

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