Oh Christmas Tree!

On This Day – well today was very relaxing. My dad, brother, and I went to the 40th Street Cafe for lunch and then they dropped me off because they wanted to go the gun show after that. Personally, I didnt really have any desire to go, so I stayed home.Also, my sister and mom were at some Women’s Luncheon thing going on at the church so….I had the house to myself for a few hours! :D It was pretty nice. I didnt do much though, basically just watched Harry Potter, cause it was on.

Day 306 – I thought this was really cool! I like how the tree is reflecting of the tile. It looks really cool! Ive said that twice havent I? Its really cool. Third time’s the charm. Did it work? Is it cool now? Or did I just hex it by saying cool five times?!? Crud!

This here, is the original. I used the couch as a "tripod" because I was using a half second shutter speed and ISO 200.

Here is the edited. I liked it....

...but I couldnt decide between the edit one, or this 70's one. I thought this one was a bit more unique looking.

Since I couldnt make up my mind, I blacked and whited it. I still cant make up my mind.

So, Im kinda stumped on which one I like best, cause I like them all! So, which one do you like? Hmmm?

Now Playing – Hot n Cold – Katy Perry – is it just me, or do I only listen to two artists when Im blogging? Stupid Pandora.

Matt :D


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