On This Day – today is Sunday, so of course we went to church. We sadly didnt go to Taco Bell for lunch though. So that was kinda depressing. Oh well. Came home from that and just kinda did nothing. Relaxed. Then my grandpa showed up to watch the football game. After that, for some reason he wanted to take my sister and I to the mall. Dont really know why, just did. Wandered around there, he did buy me some DQ! Yum! Once we were done there, we came home and then met my Uncle Dave at Grimaldi’s! Yummy!

Day 307 – I know, its a horrible picture quality wise, but I thought these things at Grimaldi’s were soooo cool! They lit up when your table was ready! Awesome.

Bleh, so the original is not super hot, but its partially my fault, because I was using "night" mode on my phone which basically bumps up the ISO and decreases the shutter speed.

But I had fun editing. I guess. haha I mean I spent more time how to "tip" the text then I spent editing.

So, I know its not the best picture Ive taken, but whatever. I thought it was awesome. Anyway, should probably get to bed. Got a busy week up ahead! We are putting on the play this weekend!!!! :O Holy Moly! WOW! Hurray!

Now Playing – Evacuate The Dance Floor – Cascada – wow, havent listened to her in forever.

Matt :D


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