Breaking Free

Hey yall! So I would like to tell you that this week I am going to be taking a week’s break from blogging. Ive got a bunch going on this week and I dont think I will have much time to Photoshop and blog. If you are wondering why, its because of the play! For the rest of the week, we are going to be meeting everyday! Tomorrow, we are meeting from 5 – 9pm, Wednesday 2:30 – 5pm, Thursday we have off, and then Friday and Saturday are the performances!! Because of the craziness, and late-night-ness, I felt it only necessary to but blogging on the back burner for a few days. Because on top of all that, I still have school and Collegeplus to do! So Im going to be rather busy.

But that doesnt mean you still shouldnt recommend people to my blog! Really guys! Just cause I dont post anything doesnt mean I have anything to show people! There’s a TON of pictures on my blog, just waiting to be seen by others! So, go ahead, Facebook, Tweet, Email, or even Re-Wordpress one of your favorite blog post! It would mean a lot to me! Go on, do it! It’s super-duper easy with the buttons at the bottom of this post! Please? For me?

Thanks a bunch gals and guys! Anyway, we had a rehearsal tonight, and Im pretty tired. So I think it only necessary that I go to bed.

Night yallzz!

Matt :D


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