Hey guys! Sorry I havent blogged yet! I thought after the play I would have time to but alas, I have mid-terms to study for. Yuck. But after that, I shall be done with school for a month! Yes, you heard me a right, a month, because that’s how long I get off for Christmas break. Jealous? You should be. Anywho, I’ll be done with school by this Thursday so expect to see some blogging done that day and kinda throughout the weekend!

Anyway, I’ve been really tired lately, been super busy, and a lot of my friends are getting sick! Crud, I hope I don’t get sick. I don’t like it. Well I do, but not over Christmas break. Bleck.

21 Guns – Green Day (that’s whats playing now. On my iPod. No Pandora tonight)

Well I got to go, my brother is sickly also. DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!

Matt :D




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