Paint…for Mac!!!!

I remember way back yonder when, when we used to use Windows. Those were terrible and dark days. But then we switched to Mac! Our lives became so much better! And virus-free! Then we got a cat. Now all those problems are back. Accept without an off button. Pity.

Anyways, if there was one thing I missed from Windows, it was Paint. I remember spending countless hours doing nothing but painting. It’s what made life so joyous back then. That, and Lego Digital Designer. When we converted to Mac, we lost Paint. It was saddening. For awhile I didnt really care. We had a Mac. It had everything. But Paint.

Well up until recently, I have been craving to paint something. But have not had the necessary tools to do so. Until I found, “Paintbrush.” Guess what guys and girls….ITS PAINT!!! For Mac!!! Its so ding-dang-dong stinkin’ like Paint on a PC, that you might think you’re on a PC. Minus all the crap. It’s awesome!!!

So, I found it only necessary to tell all my Mac buddies about Paintbrush. Im sure Ill get a comment or two saying, “Dude, Ive had that forever” or whatever. So what if Im a little slow on the up take. My life is “almost” complete.

Oh, and did I mention, its free? Well it is.

Check it out now! —> Magical Hidden Link!

Matt :D



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2 responses to “Paint…for Mac!!!!

  1. Erm… Don’t you have Photoshop? Paint sucks :P

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