Finally! Pictures!

Well, here I am, finally blogging for the past two weeks! Hurray! Sorry I havent for a while, between the play and studying for mid-terms, I didn’t have much time to blog. A lot has happened in the past couple weeks. First of all, all last week, we dressed-rehearsed for the play. It was a tiring experience, but totally worth it! Our cast did such an amazing job at improving and coming up with awesome little one liners that totally made the play hilarious. I am sooooo bummed that it is over. It was so much fun. Also in the past few weeks, we saw the other cast’s play! They did such a good job!Then we had to tear apart the set. Ok, if you wanna know one of the most depressing things to watch and do, is taking apart the set that you have just been rehearsing on. It was soooo sad to see it go. :(

This week wasnt as exciting or as fun as last week. With the acceptation of Tuesday. I spent most of the time studying for the mid-term. Which was totally lame and not fun. But Tuesday came round and that was fun! Why? Because that was the day we had the Cast Party and Julie Awards! Seeing all those people one last time was great and really sad. I love all those people! Then we had the Julie Award Ceremony! Yes, the most prestigious award show ever! If you ever win a Julie Award, you are incredible. So of course, everyone in the cast got a Julie Award! ;D Once we said a sad, sorrowful good-bye to everyone, I had to get back to studying for the mid-term. Bleck.

Sadly, Thursday happened and I had to go to school to take the mid-term. Bummer. But it was raining! So that was awesome! I said bye to all those people and came home. Guess what?!? I’m on Christmas Break!!!!!!! :D Hurray! A whole month off to do…nothing. Oh well!

So yeah, that’s basically been the past couple weeks. I’m sure there were a lot more things that happened but I can’t remember them. Anyway, instead of trying to think of how many pictures I need to upload, because that would cause mass confusion on my account, I am just going to upload some pictures I took from the past couple weeks and call it good. If you want to see a description of each picture, just click on it. Also, none of these were Photoshopped. To lazy. Well, not lazy, just didn’t want too.

Day 308 – 318

So that’s basically been the past couple weeks. I’ll be blogging later tonight with today’s picture!! Yeah!

Matt :D

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