Well wouldnt ya know, of course I forgot something in my last blog post that I did in the past couple weeks. Did I ever tell you…wait…no I didn’t. Well I last weekend Carol emailed me wondering if I would come and take some pictures of her horses. She said she was having trouble getting them to actually look the way she sees them. If that make senses. Probably not. Anyway, when I went to go photograph, it was harder than I thought. What I mean by is that horses are very weirdly shaped animals. If your camera is not at “just” the right angle, or the lighting is…well not right, and so on, a big horse can look like a little pony, or a fat horse can look like its hasn’t eaten…like a horse. It’s truly one of the weirdest things. So yes, I had a lot of trouble getting the horses to actually look like they way she saw them. I did manage to get a few good shots though.

Day 319 – So these are some of the better ones. Carol selected about 30 photos so I could go and Photoshop them. Let me tell ya, I edited these photos in about an hour. Yeah, that’s right, 34 photos, in 60 minutes. SH-BAM! I felt quite proud of myself. And the best part is, is they actually looked better! :D But being that I didn’t want too, I am not going to upload the unedited.

I personally look the contrast in this photo.


Carol also wanted a few pictures of her new kitties! :) Since their last one got eaten. :( Dont you just love those blue eyes?

This is what she actually wanted me to take a picture of. She said she wanted a picture of all her horses lined up, this was like the only picture were they actually all stood still. Then they all moved. UGH! And since they don't understand english you can't tell them to stop moving!

I also like this one a lot. Because of the lens flare. :)

Well it’s actually a good thing I didn’t blog about these, or else I wouldn’t have had something to post for today!

Whoops, forgot to tell you what happened today. On This Day – I woke up to fog! Yes! YES!!! Phoenix, Arizona had fog!!!!!! I know! I freaked out too! Most people wouldn’t understand this feeling because they might experience fog more often. But this is the second time I’ve ever seen it in Arizona. Yes, I do remember things like that. So it was a lovely thing to wake up too. But sadly, by the time I had woken up the thick stuff had floated away, but there was a little bit left. The next exciting thing was….wait for it…coffee!! Yes, well, actually I hate coffee, under one exception, that its Nescafe Coffee, from Mexico. Gotta be from Mexico. It’s so good! I love it. With a half-gallon of Coffeemate Hazelnut Creamer per cup. ;)

But then all the excitement ended rather catastrophically. I spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon cleaning my room. Yes, I was terribly devastated, yet strangely satisfied. Why? First of all my room has become a dump heap in these past few weeks because I havent had time to clean it. Secondly because I have been wanting to clean it and just get it all organized. So today, I got my closet clean and organized. Tomorrow…the rest of my room. Oh boy!

So yeah, that was today, sorry for kinda a long blog post. Oh well, we are all on Christmas Break, we should all keep our brains fresh with reading!

Now Playing – The Story Of Us – Taylor Swift

Matt :D


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