Time For a Change

Hey everyone! So lets just cut right to the mustard (can you cut mustard? hmmm…). So while I was on “leave” from my blog, I was still reading some of my other favorite blogs and poking around on the internet. Well one of my “internet” friend’s, Rachel from Red House and Beyond made a post that totally made me rethink about my blog, and how I should do it. (here is that post “How Things Change” Read what She says first before you continue reading my blog, so what I say will all make sense). When I read this, I reread it, and reread it, and reread it, and realized what she was saying TOTALLY related to me and my blog! Let me explain.

See, when I first started blogging, I just uploaded a picture and told a little about the picture, such as where I took it, settings I used, and so on. Then I had this crazy idea to start telling you guys about what I did today (I dubbed it “On This Day”), thinking what a great way for readers of my blog to get to know me! For awhile I thought it was great and people “enjoyed” it.

Well then things started to change. I started up school, Moezart, and what not, and my life became…mundane. repetitive really. When ever I blogged for “On This Day” I just told you the obvious. “I did math today. Bleck.” “Moezart today! Yippee!” and such. To state the obvious, that’s BORING!! I think people started to learn my routine and would probably just blow over all what I wrote. Why? Because my writing was bland and typical. It was just like every other blog.

I personally think this hurts my pictures. Sure I’m a take great photographs, and I’m sure people enjoy looking at them, but when you don’t have a good story to match that photo, it can hurt that photo.

So I’ve decided to change some things on my blog writing style. See, instead of “stating the obvious” on what I did that day, I’m going to try to go back and recall something that I saw, heard, read, touched, thought, or something that made me smile and/or made my day, and tell you about that. Some little silly, goofy, random, dumb, thing that I thought was cool. And of course, try to make it more interesting. Even if I didn’t get that thing’s picture, I still have the mental picture and should tell you about that.

I honestly think this might make my blog more interest (crosses fingers). I usually am a really witty and funny person (or so I am told) and I feel like my blog does not get that side of me. Part of the reason is, is my blog has kinda become part of “my routine” and when that happened, I lost…dare I say…interest in it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love photography and I love blogging, but when it’s become part of my routine, well I tend to think of it as kind of boring and bland, and I think that’s the cause of the lame writing.

One more thing I would like to say, before I get onto today’s picture, it’s about uploading everyday. Ok, so granted I’m almost to the stinkin’ end of Project 365 (holy crap) and I’ve realized something. I’ve never had a break. Now if you say, “but you just took one last week.” or whatever, that was because I didn’t have time to blog, not because I was just “kickin’ back.” I had too. Sure I have missed days and such, but that is because I’m either busy or don’t have access to the internet. I really have never taken a break from blogging. So of course, even though I’m in the finally weeks of P-365, for the next few weeks, if I don’t blog, it’s because I just didn’t want too. I’m on Christmas break and I would like to TAKE A BREAK!!! From everything. Ok guys and girls? Everyone is allotted a break, and frankly, I need one. Yes I know what you might be thinking, “But Matt, you’ve only got a few more weeks left, why not just finish strong and take a break later?” Why? Because I don’t wanna!!! Its my blog, my pictures, I do with it as I want.


Day 321 – Ok, now onto the pictures. Because I’ve wrote so much, I’m not gonna make your eyes suffer any longer. Enjoy these pictures I took at the “Star of Wonder” Concert. 

I didn’t edit any of these images and I took them with the Oly-Oly-mpus.

So anyway guys, I hope you under stand where I’m coming from with this. So, just plan to see some changes in my writing style! And if I can’t think of anything that maybe didn’t make my day, then I wont put anything.

Now Playing – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause – Jackson 5 – I seriously love this song!!! :D

Matt :D



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4 responses to “Time For a Change

  1. I stopped doing that along time ago. Because, no one cares about my boring life. When you think about it, anyone can say what they did that day. It doesn’t set you apart from the crowd.

    Have you heard of Jasmine Star? She’s a wedding photographer, but also a master blogger. [I love her work!] She blogs almost every day. Her blog posts are personable and you feel like you got to know her a little while you were reading. I don’t want to “copy” her style, but maybe we should all learn from her.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging, and I think I might start a new blog (since my current one is more for P365). I want to “rebrand” my blog.

    • Haha yeah, thats kinda why I wanna post something a little more personal. No one cares about my math lesson or moezart. Thats boring junk. But little things that would commonly be over looked that make your day, well I think thats a little more interesting to read.

      I actually discovered a new blog too! Its not a photography blog by no means, but her writing style is incredible! She is really witty and funny! Its called hyperbole and a half. Check it out for some serious awesomeness!

      Haha, just a few days ago, I found my old blog my dad got me! Its my name matthigby.com I think I might make that something for more photography/business purposes.

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