a god’s drool

Since I made you all read so much from my last post, I’ll keep the reading light tonight. I do have to say that, that last post was over 800 words! I feel rather proud of myself for typing that much.

Day 322 – my dad, sister, and I went to Brighton to get my mom here Christmas present. Going to Brighton to get my mom a gift for Christmas has become kind of my sister, dad, and I’s tradition. We know my mom likes the stuff they have there and we usually spend about two hours there trying to pick the “right” gift for her! Yes, we put time into this kind of thing. I mean seriously, mom was the one who brought me into this world, and I’m sure she could take me out just as quickly. (Child birth is slow and painful people…so just ponder over that last statement there folks.)

Blah! Does a picture get any more bland? Oh man! There's like no color or contrast in this image. Definitely needs a little help from PS.


Now that is a good-looking picture right there. This was the fountain right outside Brighton. It had the head of some god spitting into the bowl.


Well I should go make myself a cup of coffee. Why at this hour you say? Oh maybe because there is going to be a super cool Lunar eclipse and I want to photograph it! Sadly, there is overcast. Go figure. But I’m still gonna try to see it!

Now Playing – My First Kiss – 3!Oh!3

Matt :D



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  1. Hi, I’m new I would like to welcome all… :)

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