Well howdee-do there! Its been quite some time since I last blogged hasn’t it? Well I have been rather busy with Christmas and such.

Ill tell you all what I did this past week in another post. I’m just here to upload a few pictures because I’m a wee bit behind.

I should tell you what I got for Christmas, because that highly impacts this post.

Guess what guys?!?!? I got a Canon Rebel T1i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!! !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !! ! YES!!!! I know!! A DSLR!!!! Im sooooo happy!! I love it so much! Its great! :D :D

Mhm! I didn’t take many pictures the past week because of busyness. But once I got my camera I’ve been a little shutter bug. hehe So here our a few photos from my *NEW* Canon! :D All images our straight-out-of-camera.

Ooooh, bokeh! :D Used the 55-250mm



A picture of the photographer. :)

We went and saw my grandmother on Christmas day. I've got a lot more to say about this picture, but I'll tell you all about it in another post.

Our pool. Reflections are so pretty. :)

Teehee! Our kitty cat! :D

My dad had this vision to restore an old trike we had when we were little. My granddad gave it to us when we were younger. When the fire (not our house, the rodeo/chediski fire a few years ago) burned it up, all my dad had left was the frame. He found a trike on eBay and has planned to restore it. Guess he forgot about it.


Okie doke! I’ve taken quite a few pictures and have some more to show you! But I must be going now!

Matt :D



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2 responses to “Christmas!

  1. I can’t click like enough! I’m happy for you, Matt! Isn’t DSLR FUN!? My cousin showed me a super cool way to make your regular lens into a Macro lens. You turn it around, and hold open the aperture! I’ll post the picture I took and explain it more. OOh I got a really nice 22″ monitor to use with my laptop!

    • haha! Yes! I love my new rebel!!! Its soooooooooo great! Its clear, sharp, and fast! Im not used to that. Like I turn it on, point, and its focused already.
      I had heard about that. I should try it some time!
      lol, is that what yo got for christmas? sounds nice. :)

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