Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

Day 329 – well today is my parent’s 24th anniversary!!! Yes people! 24 years! I know, crazy. haha So today has been pretty chill. I mean really, my parents havent done much nor have I like it. It’s nice to just relax after the holidazz.


Taken with my new Canon and unedited. :)

Ok so in yesterday’s post I told you I would tell you a little about my grandmama because I took a picture of her and it kinda has a lot of meaning. See, on Christmas day my mom took us kids down to see my grandmother. She has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember us and most the time now, doesn’t remember my mom. Currently, she is living in a super nice home were she is loved and taken care of. So my mom thought it would be a good idea just to go down and wish her a Merry Christmas and give her, her gift.

When we walked in, she was finishing up her lunch and to our surprise, she knew who we were and who my mom was! :D She knew my mom by her first name but didn’t know us kid’s names, but she did recognize us! It was pretty amazing! For the fun of it, we decided to sing her a few Christmas carols. Now I will tell you, my family, by no means, is vocally gifted. I’ll leave you with that. So we started singing some to her and get this guys, she remembered all the words!! Better then we did! It was unexpected.

What came to my mind at the time was what our pastor had said at the Christmas Eve Service. I made sure that I would remember what he said, after seeing my grandmother. He said he went down to see someone who didn’t remember their, who didn’t remember his name, that person was the person who gave him his name. He said he started singing some Christmas Hymns to her, and like my grandmother, his mom started to sing too! He went on to say that one of the things that will stick with you the longest, mentally, is music. How true that is.

When we finished singing Jingle Bells, my sister suggested Joy to the World. We all hesitated because, well, its kind of hard song to sing. Then just out of random, my grandmother, started off singing!! She knew all the words and sang it better than us! It literally brought tears to my eyes. I could not believe SHE would be the one to start it all off and remember it word-for-word. It really, truly, made my Christmas.

So that's why this picture has a lot of meaning to me. I guess you could call it a Christmas Miracle.

And of course, another sunset picture. What would you expect. Arizona has some pretty gosh-dern good ones.

I'm very much enjoying my new DSLR. :)

I’m really digging my new camera! All these images are unedited! :D

Now Playing – Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

Matt :D






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2 responses to “Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

  1. SweetBabyJamie

    So sweet!! Glad you got your new camera, and you got to sing with your Grandma!!

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