Back to the Future!!!

Guess what dudes and dudets? There was a “Back to the Future” marathon on AMC today! So guess what most of my day has been comprised of? Yup, its gotta be one of my favorite movies. I have to say the first one is the best though. The second is all confusing and totally dragged out. Seriously. It could have been a 3o minute movie. I thought the third one was a little better but I have to say the first is the best. Thats usually how it is with movies.

And on a less important note (sarcasm is intended and needs to be taken), I talked with a guy who might give my photography (and cinematography as ironic as that sounds) a good boost! How you might ask? Well about a month ago I made a video for my mom’s friend, Vonda. She wanted me to come over a record a video one how to Decoupage. Since I wasnt getting paid, I wasnt super excited. But my mom forced me into doing it.

I did it. And I didnt skimp out on the quality of my work. I made sure I did a good job even though I wasnt getting paid. Hey, Vonda said she would tell people who made it and also my name would be on the DVD. Yeah, so you know, I didn’t want it to look crummy.

Well apparently it was extra super good because this guy who reviewed it, said it was spectacular!! I think he was a little stunned when I told him I filmed it with my Lumix and edited it in iMovie. He said when Vonda wants to make her next movie, he is going to let me use his fancy equipment to film it!!! :D Yeah! He said he is going to stop by tomorrow and drop off the stuff! I can hardly wait to use it!

I should admit that video editing has got to be one of the most dreading things to do, to me at least. Seriously, its time-consuming and boring. I guess for something that I don’t enjoy as much (like, I L-O-V-E editing photos) I seem to do a pretty good job.

Day 330 – I am having so much fun with my DSLR! It’s so amazing! Its fast, accurate, produces great, sharp pictures, oh man, I could go on and on. It’s really nice to have and use. My dad and I are going down to Photomark tomorrow to pick up some stuff. My dad wants to get a Pentax-to-Canon lens mount adapter because he has a SUPER nice old lens that might be really nice to use on my Canon. And I also want to pick up a few filters, and a 50mm Prime. If they have one. That isn’t super expensive. If that’s the case I’ll order one.

Unedited. ISO 500, Shutter Speed 1/20sec, Aperture 3.5, Handheld. Ok, so the backgrounds not to great. But I might be able to fix that.


Just some minor editing in PS. My cat has been a pest all day. Seriously. I wanted him to go and take a nap. He never did. Ugh.


Well my dears I sense that it is the time that I do part. I hope you all have a wonderful night, evening, morning, or whatever the time is in your part of the world. :)

Now Playing – Thanks For The Memories – Fall Out Boy

Matt :D



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