Leica M8’s and 50mm Primes

Day 331 – Well what an awesome day today, for me at least. To start things off, its been raining most of the day. :) Which is awesome sauce because native Arizonans LOVE the rain. Next to the rain, my dad and I went down to Photomark, (and then later to Tempe Photo, more on that later) to pick up a 50mm Prime Lens, some filters, and a new battery, for my dissler (DSLR). Well when my dad and I got to Photomark as luck would have it, they were pretty much cleared out of inventory from Christmas and wouldn’t have new stuff in for a few more weeks. UGH! So of course I didn’t get my 50mm, but they did have an extra battery and some filters. So I got those there.

But going to Photomark wasnt a total let down! Why? Well this picture should explain.

A Leica M8 with a 35mm f2.0 Lens. (begins drooling)


Noooo, I didn’t get an M8 (depressed!) but I did get to hold it, take a few pictures with it, bask in it’s all mighty gloriousness, and worship it. Someday…someday…

Well Photomark told us to go to Tempe Camera because they said Tempe might have some 50mm. It wasnt to far away so my dad and I went. To my surprise, they had quite a bit of inventory (I later found out why)! So I bought the 50mm and paid ten extra dollars because that’s the deal-o at TC. Photomark was cheaper but they wouldn’t be getting new stuff in for a few weeks and I, being an impatient little brat, couldn’t wait, so I bought it. We actually spent about an hour they’re talking with one of the employees! I learned a bucket load of information and I’m dying to tell you, but this post is already getting kinda long so remind me to tell you about it! K? It will be EXTREMELY VALUABLE to you, my photographer friends!

My new 50mill! I'm in love! Its great! I highly recommend getting one! I guess it was worth the extra ten bucks. :)



One of the first few pictures I took with my 50mm! Beautiful Bokeh. :)

Oh man! This is just down right awesome! 1/4000sec, f1.8. :)

Lalala, just having so much fun with the 50mm. :D

This is actually my project picture. Man! I love 50mm! :D :D


And FYI, these are all unedited! mmhmm! So that kinda was my day. My uncle also took us out to dinner to Famous Dave’s because he wanted that to be my parent’s Christmas gift. Yum! :)

Remind me to tell you all about what I learned today!

Now Playing – Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5

Matt :D


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