Let It Snow….IN PHOENIX!?! O.o

Wow! What a crazy weird day. Well I mean I guess weird is pretty normal for me. But beside all that gobble-y gook, it snowed in Scottsdale, Arizona today!!!! No, I’m not joking, but sadly I don’t have photographic evidence because by the time I would have gotten my camera ready and gone outside, it would have already disappeared. I guess it snowed for like a minute or two. I actually saw it too! But the funny thing is, is snowflakes are small! So its pretty hard to photograph them. Yeah, so it was pretty awesome. It was also windy and coooold today. Like Im freezing right now. Its awesome. Its suppose to be 28-32 degrees here in the valley. Really have no idea what that means but from what I hear from, that’s “cold.” Whatever that means.

Oh! And today at Target the checkout lady was EPIC! Her name was Jojo and she was so cool! She was like really perky and bubbly and was one of those people who just brightened up your day right away! Yeah, she was pretty cool.

Day 332 – Just a few pictures from the day.

Today was just a perfect day for photographing clouds! They were puffy, fluffy, and big! This has been slightly PSed but the difference is fairly insignificant. Taken with 50mm.


I like planes. :)


Again, remind me to tell you all about what I learned the other day! I need to tell you but I’ll need time to make two blog posts (one about it and for P365).

Now Playing – New Divide – Linkin Park

Matt :D




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