As We Dream by the Fire

What a wonderful day! Its been about 50 degrees all day. It’s so nice. I really like cold weather, like a lot.

I of course though am one of those people who eats ice cream when its cold out. Hey, there isn’t a law (yet) against it. So why not, and the best part is, is the cold weather helps prevent brain freezes because your brain is already frozen! So really eating ice cream when its cold out is better.

Actually eating ice cream anytime, rain or shine, hot or cold, is acceptable.

Day 333 – pictures from today. Aint that the truth?

We went over to Ro's house today to pick up some stuff and to show Ro my new 50mill lens. She has the same camera as me and I told her she should get one because it's so great!



Your lovely photographer enjoying his 50mill lens. :)

Ahhhh, a fire.


Well a fire should be nice for tonight here in Phoenix why? OH well maybe because its suppose to be 21 degrees here. No I’m not pulling your leg, (why would I pull your leg, that’s to hard, Id most likely pull your arm or head, something easier to grab) that’s what the weather app said on my iPod! So I’m going to believe it because its Apple. hehe

Now Playing – If U Seek Amy – Brittany Spears

Matt :D



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4 responses to “As We Dream by the Fire

  1. Elliott

    Ohmygoodness! I have a shirt almost just like that! :O Awesome.

  2. 50* is cold for you :DDD 50* is like heaven (warmth!) for us at this time of year. lol…nice picture ^^

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