Happy New Year!

So today is the beginning of the new year, 2011. Wow, I seriously can’t believe it’s already 2011. I swear it was just 2010 yesterday!  Ok, yeah I know, that was lame but really, where did the year go? It’s like it just started and now its over! Holy Moly! So lets reflect back on what happened in the past year for me. There’s like no order to this, it’s just whatever comes to my mind.

– I turned 17

– I started a Project 365

– I got a camera (the Lumix)

– I started out in Photography

– I quit Taekwondo (Thank God!!)

– Started Moezart (Hurray!) and figured out I’m pretty good at it (well that’s what people tell me)

– Went to Durango twice and Oregon once

–  Survived the earthquake and tornado

– Started this very blog

– Went camping a bunch of cool places

– Made a ton of new friends! (That I love dearly)

– Started College

– And I’m sure a whole bunch more but of course not all of its coming to mind

So anyway, I have no New Year’s resolution. Why? Because its stupid and I would never remember to do it. I mean maybe I’ll do something simple like breathing. DONE! Well that was easy.

Day 334 – ofnoeufxmfoqpboupceimfqpoubwciunepfoubwpobejckvldekfjnlobvaiuvribcwbnclnixmhewfkcwefewfiubq. <–(Because I couldn’t think of anything to put here.)



Editered. :D

Ok, so this actually has some cool purpose and meaning to it. See, I turn 18, January 18th. Well I thought it would be cool to draw out a letter a day, until January 18th. When it’s all done it should spell out “Happy 18th Birthday!” Yeah, I thought it was pretty clever too.

Red crayon. My favorite color drawn with my favorite drawing utensil!

Well got to go eat dinner! We are having ribs! :D Yum!

Now Playing – Dirty Diana – Michael Jackson

Matt :D




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