Snow on the Mountain

Day 335 – my dad thought it would be a cool idea to drive out to Four Peaks to photograph them because they have a bunch of snow on them! So that’s what we did this afternoon. :) Of course, the overcast just happened to roll in today also, which kinda makes getting contrast-y photos difficult because when the mountain is gray and so is the sky…well theres not much contrast.

Four Peaks! Look at all that snow! :D


For all you people who are wondering what this is, this is a cactus! It is a desert plant that is very thorny and can live for hundreds of years! Natives Arizonans just scroll onto the next photo, nothin' new here.

So the over cast was annoying, but luckily the sun broke out for a few minutes and let some light shine on the mountains!

I thought this one looked really cool!

Birthday letter numbah two!

I forgot to draw it today, so I used paint. haha

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my new camera and the lens are great, but again, I’ve got to kind of relearn the limitations of them and then learn what they work best at. If that makes sense. Well I should say first that I’m slightly disappointed in how the pictures turned out. But it’s mostly my fault.

Now Playing – Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

Matt :D





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2 responses to “Snow on the Mountain

  1. Wow! Are we the only ones not getting snow? Lol.
    Paint sucks :P

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