Cup o’ Joe

Day 338 – Personally, I think coffee is gross! Its bitter and weird tasting. The only way you’re gonna get me to drink coffee is with lots (and I mean lots) of Coffeemate Hazelnut Creamer. And even that, I get sick of. I prefer tea. It’s what all the cool people are drinking. But coffee mugs are pretty cool. Like this one! I love Bokeh. If you’re wondering what bokeh is, Wikipedia can help you. (Help from Wiki-wiki)

So I discovered the cheap 50mm Lens has a flaw...When used for close-up stuff (like this mug) It freaks out and focuses all weird! So I had to use manual focusing. (f1.8)


I seem to be taken a few pictures of our cat now ever since I got dissler. Hmm.

Hand-held, 50mm, f2.8 most likely. Maybe f1.8. Dont remember.


Edited. He keep moving cause I was playing with him! But I wasnt going to let him catch the toy mouse! Mwhaha!

But I still love my 50mm! Its fast and super light! And I've read around that the lens is sharper at f2.5-2.8. Yup!


Now Playing – Scars – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D




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3 responses to “Cup o’ Joe

  1. i like the coffee mug bokeh shot… love the red and white lights :) i just learned about bokeh effect myself and tried to create one in a shot for the first time.

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