I Saved A Bee’s Life Today

Day 339 – As the title states, yes I did save a bee’s life today. This is the second time I’ve saved one of their little lives. For some odd reason, bees seem to be drawn to our pool. I think by the time they realize its water, its to late, and they’ve crashed and burned on the surface of the water (Get it? Burning on the water. Oh man I’m so funny). They try their darndest to get out but for some reason, bees seem to land upside-down (do they fly upside-down or something?), utterly helpless.

Struggling for dear life!


Of course my keen eye noticed that the bee was struggling for its life so I ran and got my camera to photograph the poor thing. What? It was spinning around and making a cool swirly on the water! But by the time I had changed lenses and gotten my camera, the poor creäture had stopped spinning and was on the verge of giving up. Feeling terribly sympathetic and sorry for the little guy, I went and got a stick and rescued him!



I put him on the ground to see if he was still breathing. After a minute or two, life sprung back into his little body and he started to crawl around. I saw a flower and thought he might enjoy drying out there. He crawled onto the stick and I whisked him away to the flower. He tumbled off onto a nice little flower, dried out his little wings, and flew away.

He had amazing climbing abilities.


So you might say I feel rather accomplished and proud of myself today. I saved a life. Sure it was a bee’s but still, Im a hero.

Now Playing – Permanent December – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D

(P.S. Bees, you owe me. NO stinging.)


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