Pinwheels are Cool!

Day 340 – You know what? Pinwheels are just awesome. ‘nough said.

The clouds were really cool today. Cant you tell?


Yes, this needed to be all 70's n'stuff. It just had that 70's look.

I forgot to save a compressed unedited version of this and I didn't want to re-open PS, so just image this without the 70's filter, Vignette, and Lens Flare. Yes, I added fake lens flare. Why not? It looks pretty awesome! :D

Anyway, I feel like I have something SUPER important to do…but I don’t know what. Which is a bad feeling. Well whatever it was it probably wasnt to important because it wasnt worth remembering.

Now Playing – Who Owns My Heart – Miley Cyrus – I have been on a Cyrus Streak. I can’t stop listening to her music. I don’t know if I will ever recover. Well I might. But it’s just what I have wanted to listen too. I like her music. Its cool.

Matt :D



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2 responses to “Pinwheels are Cool!

  1. PutuEka

    nice edit to 70’s
    nice idea you give the fake flare…

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