The Wild, Wild West

So today was a rather early morning for me. Which by early I mean 8 o’ clock. What? I’m home-schooled. Anyway, my Aunt (check out her blog Bee-ing Creative) came over and picked me up because there was this rodeo thing going on out at the Ben Avery Shooting Range and she thought I would like to come!

I was really excited because I’ve never seen something like this so you know…I was excited. Which I already told you that.

While we were there we met some real cool women, both of which who were photographers! They were super awesome and really nice. One of them even let me shoot with her 30D! :D Yeah it was awesome.

Day 341 – Ok, so I’m just gonna say horses are pretty hard to photograph. It’s not the motion or anything, that’s easy to fix, it’s the proportions of the creäture! It’s really weird. Like its hard to explain but in a nutshell we think (my dad, aunt, and I) that it’s a 3D to 2D thing. It’s complicated to explain and I’ve been on the computer for a few hours so I think people are probably wanting it.

Enjoy these photos!

Here is the wonderful person who took me!


I thought this was really cute. Both brothers on a horsy! They were so happy! :)

This guy was letting little kids sit and ride (with adult supervision) on his horse. She was so cute! :)

I seriously LOVE THIS PHOTO!!! The american flag besides a cactus on a horse. Truly american. (this is the only image that's 'shopped)

What basically happens is the cowboy/girls ride around on their horses, shooting these little balloons. Its pretty intense. (Pst! he missed.)

I love this one! Its like perfectly captured.

Run! run! run! As you can, you can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man! (My aunt took this one. I was using a 30D with a 70-300mm :)

I should have made this a B&W. But I love how her hand is on her gun and she's looking away.


I'm diggin' the dramatic stare from the horse and its rider!

If I knew how to PS a sunset in, I would have. This is perfect.


So, these are all unedited, except for one (the flag one), so I have to say that’s pretty impressive. I’m lovin’ my Dissler! It’s so fast and accurate! I mostly shot with the 55-250, actually I shot with all of my lenses. I used the 55-250 but then I let my aunt use it, then I used the 18-55 but I didn’t like it as much, so I switched over to the 50. I loved using it! For a cheap lens, it takes AMAZING pictures!

Now Playing – Scars – Miley Cyrus – still can’t get enough.

Matt :D





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2 responses to “The Wild, Wild West

  1. I love that flag shot. I knew that was going to be a beauty in the view finder. Not sure about that strange woman you took a picture of. ;)

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