I couldn’t come up with a more creative title so I left it titleless. Even though by putting “titleless” I’m giving it a title, but still the title has no relevance to the blog post.

Anywhooo, we saw Daniel and Jonathan today! Which is always amazing. They moved into their new house and my mom fixed them dinner because, she felt like it/volunteered too/I don’t know. But Mrs. H seemed a little burnt out from moving so my mom was cool and helped her out some. My sister and I of course throughly enjoyed seeing Daniel and Jonathan. We hung out in their really cool empty rooms! :D

I took this picture a couple of days ago. It has nothing to do with what happened today. But I thought it was cool.






Ok, well I think there is a new Mythbusters on and being that, that is one of my favorite shows, I’m going to go watch it.

Now Playing – Just Dance – Lady Gaga

Matt :D


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