The Flow of Books

Blah! I’ve been studying for a test all day. BLAH! I’m going to be taking a test over how to Analyze and interpret Literature and I’m doing pretty well accept I SUCK at reading poetry. Its like really hard to understand n’stuff. I was going to take the test tomorrow but I think I’m going to study some more over the weekend and then take it on Monday or Tuesday.

Day 346 – Well I tried to photography my book in an interesting way. Because I thought that would be cool. I’m trying to make something that’s mundane and overlooked and capture in a unique way. I dunno, what are you thoughts?

I mean, I think its pretty cool.

Oh yes, my cat came in to "help" me read, i.e., sit on the book that I need to read and look cute. Ok, he wins.

And since I’m ADD when it comes to studying, I took the little Powershot out to photograph. Upon turning on, I noticed there was a spot towards to the top of the picture. I thought it was a speck but as it would be, it ends up being a speck inside (most likely on the sensor or a glass element) the camera! And I can’t ride of it! :O Pooh. So I put my mouth around the barrel of the lens and blew hoping it go away. Nope, instead it fogged up the lenses and made it all hazy. So naturally I pointed it towards the sun and that little glowing dot in the center is the sun. Cool.
An “A” disguised as a mysterious rocket ship mountain!

A "Y" Guy playing the maracas without any feet!

Well that’s been my day. So ummm, don’t have any idea whats going on tomorrow. Its Friday though. The most anticipated day of the week.

Now Playing – Paparazzi – The Gaganator.

Matt :D



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3 responses to “The Flow of Books

  1. Austin Miller

    Both my aunt and I love your cat picture! It’s so good. The depth of field is amazing.

  2. I loveee the shot of your cat!!!!

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